Updates: CVR and BNP

It has been quite festive in Lima during the holiday weekend. I’ve been busy visiting the CVR archive, which I will now take a step back from. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve narrowed down my focus to Raucana and Huaycan. Two very different urban projects. Last week I spent some time reading testimonies […]

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A brief word on the archive

This week I visited the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s  (CVR) archive for the first time. I have concluded that the CVR archive is the primary source for my research, although I have been made aware of other collections that can supplement it. For example, I was told about a collection of letters to Lima’s mayor in the […]

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El LUM: Lima’s Memory Museum

The museum dedicated to the memory and victims of the internal conflict is fairly recent, inaugurated in December 2015. Located in  Lima’s coastal and upper class district Miraflores, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. When I asked my family about it no one seemed to have visited, despite it being free, and had only heard about it. […]

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Why Lima? Hear me out.

  I’ve been reflecting on the reason why I chose to study Lima, as a city, and why learning new ways to understand it will be beneficial for those outside my academic circle. While I have academic reasons for studying Peru and Lima, there is also a very personal reason. I was born in Lima […]

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Let’s Begin

I want to dedicate this blog to the capital of Peru, which is my area of focus for the graduate research. This blog is going to spotlight work by historians and social scientists related to the history of Lima and urban culture. Additionally, the blog will feature photographs from my research trip during the summer […]

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